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  Montessori Malaysia  
  Montessori.Malaysia is a member of Montessori Asia Council, the Montessori Educational Portal in Asia and operate in conjunction with Montessorian World International.
  We advance the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method for children development and beyond unto adulthood. We promote our extended Montessorian World Education and Fellowship for the better.

Our policy is to accredit local approved learning institutions and cooperate with respected international Montessori education based associations in advancing our structured Montessorian and Professional Development Model as a continuous pathway education worldwide.
  Our products and services :
Membership Plan. Montessorian Education.

For Parents For Teachers For Trainers For Educators
Becoming Montessorian™ : CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ™,
Uniquely strucutured with learning pathway and development opportunities. The lifestyle education programmes of Montessorian World

Unique features :
Montessorian World provides Assessment and Membership Programme that emphasizes
on skill competency, holistic leadership, sociogenetic & entrepeneurial achievement in education.

Montessorian World's locally appointed Host provides practice based learning and coaching of Montessorian Professionals and those seeking entrepreneurial startup of schools. Those who have completed an equivalent CL-1 and CL -2 of montessori based education from other approved learning centres may apply for International Montessorian Certification and be a Registry Member. You are welcome to advance yourself with our Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Program.

Find Pathway to be a Montessorian Professional and CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator

Montessorian World Children's Club
For Parents and their children Schools and their teachers

Montessorian World Children's Club ™ is a registered trademark. It is open for participation by membership. Creation Child : Learner and Achiever ™ is a copyrighted program of Montessorian World and is specially developed set of education programme in all Partner Schools of Montessorian World.

Creation Child Learning Paradise
For Parents and their children Schools and their teachers

Creation Child Learning Paradise ™
is a registered trademark and its Creation Child : Learner and Achiever ™ is a copyrighted program of Montessorian World. It is a wholistic development centre for both adults and children and as the set environment for Montessorian World Children's Club.

Montessorian World International, Malaysia Chapter is managed by Montessorian Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.
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